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MUNTU LIVE is the relationship facet of the initiative, which, in our increasingly digitised world aims to maintain human contact, social connections and to make sense of each initiative, beginning with the initiative itself.

Living together is an essential value for every living community.


Who are you brother? Which village do you come from? Which tribe do you belong to?

African greeting

Through workshops, evening debates, conferences, MUNTU LIVE aspires to intensify social interactions, the inner lives of each participant and to support the connections and nourish human relationships through an exchange of views.

By creating and sharing experiences, engaging debate surrounding humans and their ecosystem, MUNTU LIVE commits to promoting the quality and intensity of the human experience of each individual, aiming to demonstrate that good quality societal relationships can outweigh optimality and comfort.

Without community, the individual has nowhere to offer his contribution. The community provides the roots, it is the place where people come to share their goods and receive those of others.

Sobonfu Somé

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Changing Africa’s narrative through Arts & Design

Innovative visions for Africa and the World

22 mai 2017  – KOBO African Resto Bar – Waterloo (Belgium)

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