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Muntu School

MUNTU SCHOOL is the communication space of MUNTU WORLD aimed at children and adults. It’s objective: to contribute to transfer knowledge and prepare future generations, to open broader universes and endless possibilities…

It takes a whole village to educate a child…

African oral tradition

Starting with the relationships with others, with oneself and gaining confidence in the mastery of speaking, MUNTU SCHOOL organises activities for children and parents using, among other things, African culture as the direction towards new ways of learning.




If you want to preserve knowledge and have it travel through time (…) give it to the children

An old Bambara saying quoted by Amadou Hampâté Bâ

Our next activities


Mindfulness practical sessions parents/children

To disconnect from our never-stopping life while consolidating our most precious connections to the present with our children…

Where? Espace MUNTU WORLD
Guide: Bettina Neukam (Eline Snel certified)
When? As from September 9, 2017
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