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MUNTU WORLD’s Concept Store is the market place between African creators and consum-actors situated in Europe and in the rest of the world. Both virtual and physically located in Brussels, it will become the window of contemporary Africa through its exposure of African talent. To develop and implement a structured, sustainable distribution network, respectful of the socio-economic situation and the specificities of the local situation, PRESALES will be necessary. Together, we will commit to an exchange between each creator to best prepare and organise the distribution of his or her products in Europe. This unique experience is infinitely more advantages than a simple consumer transaction. It touches the very heart of our values.

By supporting the development of MUNTU WORLD’s Concept Store, you will also be supporting:

  • A different form of human progress, more respectful of oneself, others and of our environment;
  • Diversity (in the face of uniformity)
  • A scale of values prioritising social relationships
  • Another type of economic exchange based on culture and community
  • Careful innovation and recycling through useful design

To learn more about this, read Muntu World’s Philosophy and Engagements.


PRESALES are an essential step.


In order to distribute its creators, the MUNTU Concept Store will work in stages.

With the support of the BeMUNTU community, a first selection of creators will be conducted. After an initial contact with the selected designers, MUNTU Concept Store will propose a selection of PRESALE products. MUNTU Concept Store will make the order and manage the logistics. Once the orders have arrived, a launch event will be held for the designer in collaboration with KOBO. The consum-actors will be able to receive their purchase(s) at take part in the following presale campaign.

These presale campaigns will allow us to test the distribution network, designer by designer, together in order to take into account the realities of local logistics (production timelines, delivery timelines, payment conditions, storage capacities etc.) and best consider them as part of the administration of the MUNTU Concept Store

Want to take part in the launch of African creators in Europe thanks to MUNTU Concept Store PRESALES, support the initiative and be the first to have access to these magnificent creators in Belgium and beyond? Sign up here!

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